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Why Dr. Wright

Dr Loren Wright DC Las VegasI have always believed that the body has the natural capacity to be healthy and to feel well. I have recognized over the years that this “natural capacity” is impacted, for good or for bad, by numerous factors.

In my practice I put a great amount of emphasis on the importance of balance – balanced posture, balanced diet, balanced exercise and rest, and so on. The more balanced we keep our lives, the greater our capacity is to stay well. A very important, and frequently overlooked component of our health, and “balanced life,” is our spine.
We live in a world where the majority of emphasis in healthcare is on symptoms.

Most treatments tend to be aimed primarily at the treatment of symptoms, not the cause of the symptoms. Thus, it is very common to assume that as long as we are not experiencing any overwhelming, or prolonged, pain we must be healthy, and our spine must be well. But as soon as we begin to experience symptoms of any significance it is at that moment that we determine that we suddenly have a “problem.”

The reality is problems with the spine are no different than arthritis, cavities, heart disease, and cancer. The problem begins long before the symptoms even become noticeable. I put great emphasis on the proper alignment, and function, of the spine. My focus is on balanced alignment and function of each individual vertebra. And I employ a wide variety of treatment techniques to help me do so.

I also take a very holistic approach to my treatment. I recognize that the body cannot be separated into its individual parts, but must be treated as a whole functioning unit. For this reason I also emphasize proper nutrition and good lifestyle habits. Thus, you and I essentially become a team working together to help you achieve your health goals.кастрюля алюминиевая купитьGOptions Reviewвидео животные африкиобеспечение по кредитувзять кредит 20 летбыстрый займ денег в воронежекредит по одному паспортучехлы для айфона 6 smalaysia escort girlsпродвижение блоговаукцион автомобилей украинакак укладывать паркетвзлом wowвзломать вайфай